Our Offer

You need help maintaining your dreadlocks? You are completely over your head with the felt on top of your head? We will gladly assist you to restore order. With our maintenance tips you will bewell prepared to ame your dreads.


What we offer


Individual Dreadlocks

We take your individual wishes into account while creating your own personal dreadlocks.

Maintenance& Restauration

Maintenance& Restauration

Maintaining dreadlocks is time consuming. We will show you various dreadlocks techniques you can use during your Dreadlocks for your own maintenance.


Dreadlocks Extensions

For a lot of dreadheads extensions are a good option to get nice and long dreadlocks in a relativly short time. Here you can find all the information on dreads extensions.


How much do dreadlocks cost?

The amount of work that is nessecary for creating dreadlocks depends on various factors. With a few tricks you can prepare your hair to minimize the time your appointment will take.



Before your appointment there are a few preparations, you should consider. Please read the instructions carefully.