Custom Dreadlocks for Individuals

When creating and maintaining your dreadlocks we take care to fulfil any of your custom wishes as long as your hair allows us to do so.


Step 1: Backcombing

We start by parting your hair into strands and comb them back heavily. When circumstances allow we also work with a twisting strands method. We always felt our dreads right to the roots, this means that your scalp will be somewhat visible at first but this quickly resolves itself when your hair continues growing. You don’t have to worry if your dreads stick out a little at first, this only proves the quality of our work as the roots have been properly fastened.

Step 2: Refining with the crochet hook method

Protruding hairs are incorporated into the dreads. We use different crocheting methods we have developed for this. The most common method can be easily explained with this diagram:




Dreadlocks mit Pony

Dreadlocks mit offenen Spitzen

Dreadlocks mit geschlossenen Spitzen
Even or wild?
It’s up to you if you want your dreads even and in a row or more varied in thickness and maybe even a little more wildly placed. If you’re not sure what suits you best, we will be more than happy to help you out with out trained eyes ;o)
Thin or thick Dreads?
If you have thin hair we are mostly forced to do thin dreads as thicker dreads wouldn’t produce an acceptable amount. We usually recommend having thinner dreads at the front as there is less hair there anyway, this creates more volume visually.
Parting, yay or nay?
You should consider whether you want your hair parted or not before dreading. It’s very hard to create a straight parting afterwards and usually doesn’t work at all. Most people prefer a slight side parting or the slightly wilder version without a straight parting at all.
How about the tip?
You can decide if you want your tips closed and rounded or open and flowing. You can crochet in the tips into the dreadlocks and thus seal them off. With this you don’t have to worry as much that the dreads will open up again but you also „lose“ a few centimetres of hair visually, especially if your hair isn’t evenly long.
Pearls and more as decoration?
Dreads are ideal for decorating. We even have a few products in our shop that you can purchase. You can pretty much use whatever you want to while decorating, as long as the hole in it is big enough and it doesn’t rot. Special pearls work just as well as sea shells collected as a souvenir at your last beach holiday. You can decorate your dreads anytime you want.
Full head of Dreads?
Many people want to keep parts of their normal hair at first and retain their bangs. This is also recommended if your hair is still too short for dreads at the front. Single dreadlocks are a great eye-catcher and are more and more popular nowadays. Those of you who don’t want to commit to a full head of dreads get a chance to do a trial run with a few single dreads.