Dreadlocks Extensions

You’d love to have a long dreadlock mane? Or maybe you want to even out the lengths of single dreads? We have developed methods with which any transitions to the extensions are virtually invisible.


Starting from what length?
When you decide to get dreadlocks and want them extended right away your shortest hair should be around 18-20 cm. Already felted dreadlocks can be extended at any length.

Where do I buy real hair?
You can easily buy real hair on Amazon or Ebay. Extensions you want us to create are preferably tied off strands of real hair (e.g. with keratin bonds). The hair should be a little more than double the length you would like your dreads to be extended by.

Dread extensions from real hair?
Simply send us the real hair in your colour ahead of time and we will process them into extensions which we will then incorporate into your dreads during your appointment. Just make sure to announce this on time.

Dread extensions from artificial hair?
You can order artificial extensions directly from us. Our teammate Kathi is the creator of the so called Poppydreads (synthetic dreadlocks) and can help you fulfil any individual wishes you may have. You can choose from a ton of colours and styles: natural looking, multi coloured, twisted, with dots, curled, thick, thin, etc.

Older finished Dreads?
So you might have friends or acquaintances who cut their dreads off and want you to have them. Some ex-dreadheads also sell their hair online ( Ebay). You can even ask us, we might just have bought some pre existing dreadlocks, waiting only for you!

How much hair shoud I plan for?
This is varies from case to case, dreadlocks are as diverse as their owners. Real hair also always reacts differently to being made into dreads. You can use these figures as rough estimates:

Thin Dreadlocks: 3 g – 4 g / dreadlock
Medium Dreadlocks: 4 g – 6 g / dreadlock
Thick Dreadlocks: from 7 g / dreadlock

Preparing real hair

Bought real hair usually comes bleached and dyed, since it usually starts out black. This takes a lot out of the hair so retailers usually treat it with silicones to achieve a healthier and shinier look. These silicones also make the hair softer and thus harder to dread.
Please prepare your hair before your appointment.
Buy a packet of siliceous earth from a drug store/chemist (e.g. at Abtei)

Smear the siliceous earth onto the hair (50 grams of siliceous earth are enough for about 20 grams of real hair strands)

Rinse the hair thoroughly and let it dry.

Mix the siliceous earth with water as if making sugar frosting ( 50 grams of siliceous earth need about 2 cl of water)

Let this soak for about 30 minutes.

Repeat the procedure.


Dreadextensions with loose hair
(especially useful when adjusting the length of bangs)

Attatchment of dread extensions