How much do dreadlocks cost?

Since the prices are set by our team members, this isn’t something we can give a general answer to. The price depends on the time we need. Just send us a request and we will send you our prices.


Hair is more easily dread-able when it is…
… thin
… “broken”
… curly or frizzy
It is harder to make dreads with…
… full hair
… strong, healthy hair
… very smooth or sleek hair
Also don’t forget:
Thin dreadlocks take more time, simply because more need to be made.
Sealed tips take far longer than open tips, especially with thin dreadlocks.

Our hints for you

This is what you can do to save time and money:
If you prefer them that way, let us show you how to seal your tips yourself.
Use a curling or regular iron more often to make your hair more brittle.
Start washing your hair with shower gel and curd soap instead of shampoo. This’ll make it dryer and more easily dread-able. Shampoo would strengthen the hair.
Forego any kind of haircare products.
Mix siliceous earth (health shop) with water and use it like a deep conditioner (Attention: thoroughly rinse afterwards) to dry out the hair.
If you intend to do it anyway, bleach your hair.