Maintenance & Restauration

You need help taking care of your dreads? Or are you completely overwhelmed by the felt heap on your head? We can help you restore order, give you great maintenance hints and are there for you whenever you need us.


Crocheting your outgrown dreadlocks

Unfortunately very few dreadheads with “European” or straight hair have the luck of growing out their hair already felted. Everyone else needs to get their hair re-felted regularly if they don’t want their dreads to simply grow out.

Crocheting hair that slipped out

Especially in new dreads small hairs have the tendency to slip out. We can sort this out easily and return these small linty hairs back to order.

Repairing and crocheting your tips

Open dread tips sometimes decide to unravel again after washing and even sealed tips sometimes need a little attention. We there for all your needs.

Removal of ugly lumps and loops

New dreads easily acquire lumps and loops. This can have quite a few causes but as long as they aren’t felted too firmly, we can usually remove these easily without any trace.

Splitting or combining dreadlocks

If dreads can be split depends completely on how extensive they are felted and if it would be worth doing so at all. We are more than willing to advise on these issues during preliminary talks. If you think your dreadlocks are too thin we can also felt them together.

Unraveling felted roots

Who doesn’t know the feeling? Dreads always felt where they shouldn’t, like exactly between the roots of your dreads. We can help your scalp breathe again.

Thickening/Repairing of brittle locations

So you’ve overdone drying out your dreads, they turn brittle and thin. Don’t worry, it happens! You don’t have live in fear of them breaking off, we can easily reinforce those pieces so you can live your long-dreadlocked life!

Rescuing afro shop victims

The old and tiresome discussion: self-titled “professionals” keep on messing up their customers hairstyles far too often. But before you grab the scissors let us have a look, we can help!



Our techniques

▶ Classical crocheting method
The most widely known crocheting technique. Is used with a crocheting needle with a thickness of 1,0 to 1,5 (depending on the strength of the dread). Gives a dread extra stability.
– Protruding hairs
– Hairline maintenance


▶ Poking method
The poking method a.k.a zippezipp method is an additional primary crocheting method of ours which produces an especially uniform and firm dreadlocks structure.
– Protruding hairs
– Hairline maintenance
– Removal of lumps and loops
– Improving unfelted spots


▶ Strand method
We use this method when re-felting open tips. A knot is created and carefully brought up to the tip of the dread by slowly pulling the strands of hair apart.
– Maintenance of open dread tips


▶ Pull through method
This method is especially helpful when re-felting thinner dreads. It is very popular because of its simplicity when learned. It also saves time and provides very firm dreadlocks which seldom need any re-crocheting
– Hairline maintenance


▶ Tighten roots method
This is mainly for fewer and thicker dreads. It takes a lot of time so we will gladly explain how this works. We rarely offer this ourselves. You don’t need to pay for something you can do at home alone while watching TV ;o)
– Hairline maintenance