Before your appointment there are a few preparations, you should consider. Please read the instructions carefully.


Your hair must be completely dry. Please wash them a day before your apointment!
Make sure, you get a good night of sleep before long apoinments!
Bring a hat, a scarf or some other form of headware, since freshly made dreads tend to stick out for a few days!
For longer appointments bring some snacks and entertainment with you!


The best foundation for dreadlocks is dry and damaged/rough hair. To optimize your hair before your appointment, you should consider the following instructions:
Stop using shampoo and other products that contain conditioner or silicone.
Use shower gel, baby shampoo and rhassoul.
Use curd soap. Foam up the soap in your hands not directly on your dreadlocks! Try to focus on the dreads, curd soap is not very friendly to your skin!
Siliceous earth can be used as a peeling for your hair. Mix it with a litle bit of water and let it stay on your hair for 15-20 minutes. Rinse thoroughly!

More Tips

For an introduction in maintaining your dreadlocks, please bring a crotcheting hook with you! (Stärke 0,6 – 1,0 Imra Records)
Stop straightening your hair!
Bleached hair is a good basis for dreadlocks. But don’t overdo it. If your hair is too damaged, dreadlocks can break.
Wear comfortable clothes!
Making dreadlocks can be painful. This varies from person to person.
If you have extensions or hair that you want worked into your dreadlocks, bring them with you.
Wool and pearls are a good way to decorate your dreads.
Bring some DVDs or other entertainment!
Bring some snacks! (Some locations will offer food.)
If your dreadstylist offer food, please let it be known wether you are vegan, vegetarian on some other diet or if you have an intolerance for some food.
Habt ihr relevante Allergien? Bitte unbedingt Bescheid geben!
It is usually fine to brng someone along. But please let us know in advance.