DIY – Make your own Dreadlocks

Whether creating or maintaining, tending to your own dreadlocks is a difficult task during which a lot of mistakes can happen. We want to give you valuable tips that could help prevent you from making a few of the more popular errors.


Selfmade Dreadlocks

Many of our customers are frustrated after a failed experiment on themselves. Many come to us as a last resort. Here you will find a few valuable tips on the most popular errors in terms of “DIY dreadlocks” so that mistakes can be prevented:
No Wax!
While making your dreadlocks never use any wax or other organic materials to model your dreads. Such substances prevent your hair from felting. Organics easily get rancid. If you insist on using them, those products are certainly nothing you would want to be wearing for more than a day.

No felt needle!
Felting needles are not suitable for felting dreadlocks, even if the name sounds enticing enough to quickly grab one of them and use them onyour dreadlocks. They destroy the basic structure of the dreads and take away their stability. Although initially your dreads immediately will feel solid after application, after a short time, you will loose strands of dreadlocks.

Combine different methods!
When you do your dreadlocks, a mixture of the known backcombing method, the strand method and crochet hook method is recommended. When used correctly, you can determine the thickness and the length of your dreads and create your dreadlocks almost without pain to the scalp More information about the above methods can be found on our method page!

Down to the scalp!
Make sure to work all the way down to your scalp. Dreadlocks tend to loosen up a bit, having strong roots prevents most of this.

No rubber bands!
Rubber bands, braces and even synthetic bands that have been made “specially for dreadlocks” do not belong in your dreads. A lot of people use these tools for stabilization of the roots or fixation of the tips, but this will weaken the outcome of your dreadlocks. These gums dissolve after time and often remain as slimy residue in your hair.

Ask for a helping hand!
Dreadlocks are time consuming. Prepare yourself for at least one to two days work! Making dreads is not a quick task. Ask some friends if they can help you!