Preparation for appointments

No matter if it’s your first appointment in order to get dreadlocks made or if it’s a dreadcare appointment, this article will provide you with a guide how to prepare for your appointment with a dreadstylist.


  • First of all, please do not wash your hair right before the appointment. In order to make dreadlocks, the hair needs to be as dry as possible.
  • If your appointment is going to be a long one, please rest and be fit.
  • We advise you to bring a hat or some other way to cover your head because newly made locks tend to stick off of the head if they don’t reach a certain length.
  • Please feel free to bring some food, drinks or personal entertainment to an appointment, especially if you’re going to be there for most of the day!

Washing routine previous to the appointment

The easiest way of making dreadlocks and having them felt properly is to make them out of dry hair. If you want to prepare your hair or improve the felting, we can recommend not using any shampoos or conditioner (those products contain softeners and silicone). Instead, you may want to use shower gel, sea salt shampoo or baby shampoo.

On our homepage we also provide you with a guide to the silica hair peeling.

Other information

  • If you want to get a short crash course in dreadcare, please bring your own crochet hooks (Size: 0.6 – 0,75mm).
  • Do not straighten your hair!
  • Bleached hair is perfect for locks, however it should be healthy enough to withstand the process of making them.
  • Dress comfortably!
  • Some people may experience pain during the process, so please be prepared for some discomfort.
  • If you have human hair or dread extensions, feel free to bring them. We might be able to include those in your new locks. If you want to have your accessories like pearls or wool directly put in by our dreadstylist, simply bring those as well.
  • Bring entertainment (maybe your laptop/tablet or a book?).
  • Depending on your location, food should either be brought or will be provided by your dreadstylist. This will be coordinated in advance. In case our team member provides food, it’s essential for us to know if you have any allergies or follow a vegetarian or vegan diet.
  • If you bring someone, please let us know in advance.