The longest Dreads on Instagram – Dreadindian

Everyone, who wants to dive deeper into the world of dreadlocks and searches on the internet, scrolls through Instagram or Pinterest, will find him: Christopher Lazarus, aka Dreadindian. He´s known for his super long Dreads and his bright smile. I was lucky enough to have a short chat with him!

Thank you so much for your time! I guess, most of our readers already know you, but would you introduce yourself in a view words? 

Hi, so im Christopher Lazarus aka Dreadindian, im a comedian and i like to make people laugh. And yeah, have had dreads for 14+ years:)

Tell us about your miraculous long dreadlocks! How did it happen, that they grew so long? Did you plan it? 

(lacht) Its just good genes and Gods grace, gods grace coz had I not got the jobs that i was in for the past 9yrs (radio and music tv channel), I don´t think I would have kept my dreads this long. But yeah, I used to listen to heavy metal in college and I was about to graduate in chemistry, so basically I would be working in a lab, and so I knew taht those college years were my last few years to go crazy and do whatever I felt with my hair, so I made dreads thinking that I anyways will have to cut them post graduating, but…by GODS GRACE, im a comedian now and can keep my dreads all my life coz im my boss, and God of course 🙂

We can see a lot of videos about your long dreadlocks on youtube. Can you give us 2 super advices, if someone wants to have such long dreads?

1) choose a job tht allows you to keep dreads.
2) stay away from school kids n dirty people. #lice

What about your neck? Do you have to care for him ;)? Do you know how much your dreadlocks weight?

My neck is made of vibranium. Kidding, my dreads weigh 8lbs but my necks totally used to it. No pain whatsoever.

Do your dreadlocks have any political or spiritual background?

Nope. I just like headbanging.

Beside your dreadlocks, we see you with many different people from many different countries. How do you see the dreadlockscene these days? Did it develop in any way?

Its becoming more commercial these days, with dread salons, dread accessories, dread magazines ..oops ? coming up. I believe anyone who has good hair growth should try dreads, irrespective of race. 

There is always a big topic about cultural appropriation ad dreadlocks. Do you have any opinion about it?

If you don´t comb your hair, it matts, stone age peeps had dreads, like I said before, its just hair, people have always had hair, some have more, some have less, do whatever you want with it. 

Do you see chances of connection by dreadlocks?

A lot of people come to talk to me coz of my dreads, its fun.

What do you wish for yourself, the deadlock-world and the earth in general for the next years? What would be the greatest gift?

The greatest gift…hmm..I´d say laughter, since I deal in that. I hope to make the world laugh soon. And as far as the dreadlock-world, I hope it grows, like my dreads and for the world, peace and happiness and less of twitter…

Thank you so much, Christopher!