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A short history of dreadlocks

Have you ever wondered where dreadlocks originally come from? Well, your confusion will now come to a swift end with our short introduction into the history of dreadlocks. Definition Dreadlocks are often seen as closely connected to reggae culture or even being a symbol of reggae itself. Apart from a few clichés, most people don’t […]

It’s all new at DreadMag!

Welcome to our new DreadFactory homepage and our new magazine: DreadMag. Along with completely redesigning the website, we now also started a magazine where you can read and enjoy articles all about one topic and one topic only: Dreadlocks. Here we will provide you with valuable insights into dreadmaintenance and dreadcare, traveling blogs and experiences, […]

Can dreadlocks get mouldy?

Have you ever heard that dreadlocks will easily start to get mouldy? We at DreadFactory have decided to test that rumour. Our ex team member Iris from Basel is a laboratory chemist and has done a few experiments on mould and dreads. The rumour The rumour that dreadlocks will easily get mouldy if they’re humid […]